Accounting Manual

Item Code: Accounting Manual

An accounting manual is an internally-developed handbook that contains the policies and procedures to be followed by an accounting staff. In addition, the manual may contain sample forms, a chart of accounts, and job descriptions. The manual can be used as a training guide for new
employees and for anyone cross-training on new functions, as well as a refresher for existing employees.

Compilation of Accounting Manual • Documentation of Accounting Policies and the choices made therein • Documentation of user rights to be maintained in the accounting software • Documentation of Master Data Management Policy • Designing and Documentation of Chart of Accounts and User Guidance • Designing and Documentation of Cost Centers and User Guidance • Documentation of supporting required for accounting entries • Documentation of User Guidance for Narration and Additional Information to be captured in each Accounting Entry • Documentation of Approval Processes and Mechanisms for All Financial Transaction and Accounting Vouchers • Documentation of Month End/ Quarter End and Year End Closing Processes • Documentation of GL Reconciliation Formats and Processes • Documentation of filing policy and responsibility for preservation of Accounting Records • Templates of User Checklist for all types of Accounting Entries, Master Data Creation, Reconciliations and Period End Processes
Accounting Manual Governance Software
• Cloud platform for hosting the accounting manual • Digital checklist to be submitted by accounting users all Accounting Entries, Master Data Creation, Reconciliations and Period End Processes • Digital approval and audit of all checklists • 24/7 access and guidance to all users